Friday, March 11, 2011

Today I've officially finished my portfolio! I only have to give it a nice cover, but everything is printed out and labelled. I'm so proud! I've also finished the assignments for my art school application. I can't believe my interview is already this Monday... I'm more confident than ever about my work, but it's still kind of scary. Yesterday I wrote and illustrated a short story that I'll be taking with me for the interview too...
If you want, you can check it out here n.n

Aaaaand I got these little cuties today <333 Hello Kitty dressed up as Pippo, Chococat and Purin. I love them so much!
I'm pretty shocked by what is going on in Japan right now by the way... They're in my thoughts and I hope my little country will be able to help the best they can too ♡
That's it for now. Really got to put together the last bits and pieces now so I won't have to stress out on Sunday. X

Oh and a big thank you to Pixie for this award!
It's always nice to know people actually enjoy reading this... sorry excuse for a blog hehe. I promise I will either tomorrow or Sunday will post 7 facts about myself and have a look at which other bloggers I want to give this award to.