Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today I got an email from some stalker telling me I had won 4,600,000.00 pounds.
Are there actually people in this world who fall for emails like that?
In other news, here is a picture of the pretty things I got this weekend! (There are some new piercing beads in the little box, I love them!)
Today we went skating with school, and despite the wind I enjoyed it a lot and it will deffinitely be something I'll be doing more often this summer. I used to go skating all the time when I was little and I really can't remember why I ever stopped.
The Office is getting exciting again, I loved the awkward phone conversation between Pam and Jim. And now I should shut the fuck up about that show now matter how much I love it.
Now we're talking about the office anyway, here are some neat things I need in case I'll ever end up working at an office:

Jummy donut tape.Geeky folder organizers!Pear memo pad.
Some stickers to even make typing more fun!
A Hello Kitty usb-stick for all the important junk/documents.

Yes Jim, just admit you'll be jealous at me..

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