Friday, November 20, 2015

APP: Bunny Free - Going cruelty free!

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share something with you guys that I only just found out about. It's an app called Bunny Free
Bunny Free is basically a super handy app with which you can find out whether the product you're about to buy is cruelty free or not. It is a free app created by PETA and available for both iphone and android. Now, I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of PETA (because of some shocking articles I've read) but I still think this is a super handy app for when you're at the store and are not 100% sure of whether a product is cruelty free or not. There is even a barcode scanning option to make the process even faster!
It has only been a few weeks since I made the concious decision to start paying more attention to what I was buying. I saw this terrible article on animal testing and instantly felt guilty about owning things (and wearing it on my face) that were tested on these poor creatures. But once I had to get some new beauty products, I felt lost pretty fast and sometimes it took forever to find out whether something was cruelty free or not. I spend at least an hour in the story googling tons of brands I was interested in! 

Once I got home and did some more research I stumbled across this app and it has made my life so much easier. I just started using it so I'm not sure if everything it says is 100% correct or if it would be able to find all the products I (want to) use, but so far so good :) Now I definitely don't have an excuse to not buy cruelty free products.

Admittedly it can be difficult sometimes.. Especially now that I have to start replacing some of my products I've been using for so long that aren't cruelty free. But then I think about the poor animals getting stuff injected into them and just suck it up. The 'cruelty free world' can be confusing though. You've got to think about their 'sister companies' that DO test on animals, or they're cruelty free but there's still animals products in them like beeswax or lanolin (wool wax). You've got to make you're own decision as to where you draw the line. I do believe in the end all my research and pulling out my phone before I buy anything is worth it! 

I also love watching Kiera Rose's video's on cruelty free products/hauls. She always recommends some awesome stuff!

I'm not here to tell someone what they should or shouldn't buy, but maybe this app will help you to take the plunge as well! Once I'm a bit farther into the process I will definitely do a post about some of my favourite cruelty free products!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

First Impression: Sally Hansen Double Duty & Insta Dri

I recently ran out of my favourite base/top coat so it was time to get a new one! Unfortunately they didn't carry my regular one anymore so I had to find a replacement. After looking up a bunch of reviews on all the different ones they had, I decided to go with Sally Hansen Double Duty. It's both a base and top coat and it's supposed to give a shiny finish, dry fast and strengthen your nails. Sounds good to me! I also picked up the Sally Hansen Insta Dri in the colour 'Mauve It' because it was on sale and I still wanted a nice nude colour.

I started with just regularly cleaning, shaping and buffing my nails. Then started with a base coat of Double Duty. I really liked the consistency and brush and it did dry pretty fast! Please don't mind my cuticles.. they look horrible now that it's getting colder..
Once the polish was fully dry I applied a thin coat of the Insta Dri. The brush held a lot of product and sometimes I got way too much on my nails. BUT I only needed one layer for it to be completely opaque and once again, it dried super fast! I then finished it off with a top coat of Double Duty and some cuticle oil for my poor nails.

All in all, I'm very pleased with these polishes! I adore the colour and I've had no problems with chipping or 'bubbling' like I saw some people did. My only problem would be that with light colours like this one, my pink hair deposits colour in it and causes streaky pink lines on my nails. But I guess that's just a pink haired girl problem ;D

I got the Double Duty for $9,99 CAD and the Insta Dri for $4,99 CAD (on sale) at Shoppers Drugmart.

What's your favourite nail polish right now?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Review: Playful Promises (NSFW)

'Playful Promises is a London designed lingerie brand, which mixes quirky, directional design with all things playful, flirty and even a little bit dirty.

We are here for sassy, stylish ladies, who love to shout 'I did it my way' along to Sinatra, followed by the Sex Pistols. The Playful Promise girl is crammed with confidence, will never take herself too seriously and lives to the full.'

A couple of weeks ago I probably won one of the best giveaways in my life: a goodie bag from lingerie brand Playful Promises! For their halloween contest you had to describe your ultimate, cheeky halloween outfit. I instantly envisioned an outfit inspired by Dita's Bird of Paradise with big red feather fans, a matching red lingerie set with nipple pasties, red lips, sparkling red heels, devil horns and some elbow length faux leather gloves. I even made a little collage to better envision my ideas..
About a week later a woke up to an email telling my I won! What a way to start the day! I got to tell them my preferred style of lingerie and of course my sizes. After that all I could do was anxiously wait and browse their website everyday, trying to guess what they might send me.

The package arrived really fast considering it had to travel from the UK to Canada. It only took about a week to get here. It arrived in a very neutral grey bag, so if you're a little uncomfortable with your mailman knowing you just got some super hot lingerie in the mail: no fear! There's no way of telling what's inside :)

Once you open the bag though, you can tell a lot of care has gone into wrapping your goodies. All the lingerie was wrapped in black tissue paper, topped with a ribbon and some pretty cards with discount codes for your next order.
The first thing that caught my eye when I opened the package was a little box! Inside was a pair of nipple pasties. They're cute red beaded hearts with tassles attached to them and appear to be of high quality. Very Dita Von Teese/Burlesque style!

 I also liked this little Jane Austen reference on the back of the box...
Next, of course: lingerie! I was blown away by their generosity. They sent me three sets of super pretty lingerie.The first one is this wine red with black lace set. I love the little black bows and charms on it!
Next is this super cheeky open cup bra and panty set. I absolutely adore the colour (one I would never have thought of myself!) and look at those big black bows!
And last but not least this really pretty set. It has a flower and snake print and a really nice fishnet style on the sides. Also loving the strappiness!
The fabric on all of these is really nice and luxurious and everything fits like a dream. You can tell a lot of care and attention has gone into the creation of these. I never really buy more pricey lingerie, but after experiencing the support and amazing fit of these I'm definitely willing to invest! I can't wait to put in another order with Playful Promises! Thank you so much Playful Promises for your generosity! Go to their website and treat yourself!

Even though I won the items in this post, Playful Promises didn't ask me in any way to write a review for them and this is nothing but my own honest opinion on the company and the items that were sent to me.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Little Things: Hello Kitty and Halloween!

It's been a while, but it's finally time again for an appreciation post! Everytime I do these I realize I take way less pictures than I used to. I should get on that because it's nice to look back at pictures from a few years ago, even if they're just of random stuff!

finding a whole box filled with colourful scented candles  spotting possums and racoons in the backyard  new episodes of American Horry Story  sushi dinner with friends  new bedding Catfish marathon   receiving the cutest Hello Kitty figurine that looks like me  

mulled apple tea in a new mug  beating my phone anxiety  Halloween stuff everywhere!  Playing Lego Batman 3 with the boyfriend  pumpkin pie! winning new lingerie (review coming soon!)  The new book in the Miss Peregrine series: Library of Souls (and getting it on the day it came out :)) The new Coheed and Cambria album (and anxiously waiting for the vinyl to come in)  being busy with illustration jobs (binge) watching Glee for the first time (where have you been all my life??) finally finishing up immigration papers giving my blog banner a little makeover working on my anniversary present and buying little things for it (and picking up some small halloween things for myself on the way hehe) 

going to a videogame/comic convention and admiring all the rare games and comic books  record shopping with a recently won gift card! One of them is 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge' by My Chemical Romance.. be still my teenage emo heart! complimenting my favourite online ladies  seeing the big Toronto sign for the first time  This post by Cazz (Nerd Burger) on being 30. Or basically on becoming an adult and still having pink hair, reading comics and dressing like a 10 year old. Some people might criticize you or not take you seriously, but what counts is that you are happy with your life and decision. What anyone else thinks of you is none of your business. 

Have a great day and don´t forget to take a moment and appreciate the little things in your life. :)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Personal Update: We Moved!

Hi everyone! I feel like I keep having to apologize for my absence, but life simple just keeps happening. The past few months have been pretty stressful for me. I've moved twice in the past two months (which I will talk about in a little bit) and have been busy with lots of different things which also kinda screwed up my daily routine. Because of that I don't manage to get a lot done on a daily basis which is frustrating sometimes..

For the month of september me and my boyfriend have been living at a friend's place until we could move into the new house. And now we're finally here! It was a lot of work but I'm really pleased with the new place. It feels so good that we got rid of tons of old stuff, got some new things and everything is just fresh and clean. I'm also having a lot of fun decorating the place :) nothing too fancy, but some cute candles (the previous owners left a huge box of colourful scented candles!!), fake flowers or throw pillows can make a huge difference. I also love the colours that are on the walls. They're all very warm and calming and instantly made our rooms a lot cozier.
Kinda obsessed with our new bedding!

Does it mean I'm becoming a grown up now that I care about throw pillows and wall colours?? I feel a little silly talking about this stuff :P but yeah anyway, now that everything is set it's perfect to hang out and sip a cup of mulled apple tea (my latest obsession) while fall-winter storms are coming in!
Zorro is als very happy that we're not moving around anymore..

There's also a lot of animals walking around here! We already got a visit from a racoon and a possum! I had never seen a possum so up close before.. they're kind of creepy to be honest.., I'm also very happy that we're now walking distance from all kinds of stores. Now the grocery store, book shop and craft supplies are only a 5 minute walk away!

Kind of off topic but still super important.. we went to a sushi restaurant the other day for a friend's birthday and omg.. I don't think I ever ate this much japanese food in my life. It was super delicious, I ate copious amounts of edamame (my weakness.. omnomnom) and caught a piece of zucchini with my mouth which the chef threw at me hehe :P

In the end this move was a good thing, even though it completely stressed me out at first. And what's also great is that it´s always warm here. We already had our first tiny snow storm here in Canada so a warm room is definitely a must!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

If I Were To Get ATattoo

I don't think I'll ever get a tattoo. When I was younger I always wanted to get a tattoo. I always came up with tons of ideas and draw them on myself or print them and see how they'd look on my body. I never took the plunge though and honestly, I'm glad I didn't because I'm sure I would've regretted it. I'd probably be walking around with a bunch of anime/Sanrio characters on my body if I did get a tattoo at the time so yeah.....

I still like to look at tattoos though. Daydream about what it would look like, where I'd get them etc. I have very pale skin so lots of people always tell me how amazing tattoos would look on me. I do think it would suit me, but I'm just so damn picky. Subject wise there are some things I'd consider getting done would I ever be forced to get a tattoo (that would be an interesting situation). It would be a lot of similar subject matters I use in my own work. I also love neo traditional tattoos. Especially colourful ones! Here's some ideas I would consider...

As a huge tea lover, I definitely don't mind the idea of a tea themed tattoo! Also because teapots and teacups just make for very pretty designs. I adore all of the ones below..

1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4

I'm also a huge animal lover (I used to want to become a veterinarian at some point as a kid). Elephants especially hold a special place in my heart. Tattoos of little critters are gorgeous too though. I'm not scared of bugs at all, I'm fascinated by them. I would never hit a moth, a bee or any creature like that. They're so pretty and innocent if you just leave them be!
1 2 3 4 5

Another tattoo subject I think is timeless are flowers. Especially a classic rose is gorgeous in my opinion. It's very feminine and look lovely with a pop of colour.
1 2 3 4 5 6

These are some other random designs I love! I like nautical designs because I grew up on an island so I was surrounded by sea and beaches all the time. And how cute is that little golden snitch!? I also love those lantern designs for no other reason than that they're just really pretty.

There's so many more gorgeous tattoos out there.. it's hard not to get overwhelmed. But then again there's also a lot of terrible designs out there :P it's all about doing your research and not just going for the cheapest or closest artist. You get what you pay for!

Do you have tattoos or do you want to get them? What would you get done if you had to get tattoed?
I tried my best to give every image the proper source link, but if the link to your work is missing or you don't want your work posted on my blog please shoot me a message!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Krita | Digital Painting. Creative Freedom

I used to hate anything digital when it came to artsy stuff. When I started art school and teachers would tell me to start playing around with software, I'd tell them I didn't need it. But at some point when we had to start making big prints, animations and such I was forced to work with it.

I still hated it. Until I didn't. Especially Adobe Illustrator was something I started using on a regular basis, and these days I still do! But recently I got a little tired of the 'neatness' illustrator gives you. So I figured I had to start working on my digital painting skills. I had always put it off because I couldn't/didn't want to pay monthly for photoshop (whyyy adobe whyyy?). Then I found out about the free photoshop like program called Krita! Let me tell you, I'm in love.

My first little drawing in Krita :)

Like I said, Krita is a free program with pretty much the same digital painting options you have in Adobe Photoshop. What I also really like is that, like photoshop, you can download new brushes and the like online. I'm so happy that now I finally get to work digitally without the financial burden! So happy in fact, I actually wanted to give them some money for making my life a little easier (which I did right here at their donation page). Anyway, here are some things I've worked on so far:

This last one was so much fun to work on! I sketched the two hands seperately and then figured they went perfectly together. There are so many awesome brushes in Krita to easily create a pretty galaxy.

So if you're looking for a free alternative to photoshop, Krita is where it's at! Have you tried it before?

This post is nothing but my own, honest opinion and was not sponsored by Krita in any way. I'm just really excited about this program and wanted to share it with the rest of the world!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

APP: Alpha Bear

I don't usually blog about apps or anything like that, but this one is too good to keep from you guys! I'm a huge puzzle nerd. Especially word games, escape the room games or just anything that challenges my brain for a few minutes a day. And as you all know I'm also a big fan of anything cute. Alpa Bear brings two of my favourite things together: it's a cute bear puzzle game!

The boyfriend and I have been on a bit of a bear kick lately. Lately bears are always part of our daily conversations. Or I'll just send him random pictures of bears to express how I feel. And have you heard of the show We Bare Bears? Yeah I've been watching that as well.

In this word puzzle game you go through various stages with different themes and at each stage you have to try and collect are the different bears. There's common, rare and legendary bears. You'll stumble across everything from a regular panda bear, to a unicorn or coffee bear. When you start the level, you start out with three small bears of your choosing, and the more letters you clear, the more your bears grow! The bigger your bear, the more points you score! Eventually you have to beat the stage's boss to move on to the next stage with a new theme and new bears to collect.

The design of this game is what really drew me in. It's super cute without being the 'tacky' kind of cute which you often see in other games. Even the music and sound effects are really nice and add something to the app without being too distracting. For example there's no music playing when you're in a level, but every once in a while one of your bears will growl (in an adorable kind of way).

What also always makes me giggle is that when you finish a puzzle, the bear will say something with the words you created. They often make no sense at all!
People have even already been making merchandise for the game, and it's unBEARably cute!

The app is free, but you can make purchases in the game that'll enable you to play longer. I personally don't have the need to buy coins. You can watch short videos to get coins for free. The only downside to this is that sometimes the videos get stuck and you have to restart the game and usually don't get any coins when this happens. Fortunately this doesn't happen too often.

So if you're looking for your next word game addiction, this is it! Have you played Alpha Bear yet? What do you think of it?

I am not sponsored by Spryfox and this review is nothing but my own, honest opinion of the game.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Travel blog: Chicago!

As I announced in my last post: last weekend I went to Chicago! After that it was right back into the daily grind, plus I've been kind of obsessed with the art program Krita to practice my digital painting skills (I'll do a post on that later) so once again blogging has been on the backburner. But now I'm back to tell you about my adventures!

Our plan was to leave early and get there early, but that didn't exactly work out! Not everything went as smoothly so we left late, drove for 9+ hours and arrived in Chicago around 1 am. Luckily we gained an hour from the time difference!
Friday we went to Riot Fest. After waiting in some heavy rainfall which soaked my shoes right from the beginning (luckily I had a spare pair on me) we got on the festival terrain and the sky cleared up! We went straight to Mustard Plug who were a lot of fun. We walked around the grounds, checked out stands, met The Joker (and obviously had to take a picture with him) and picked up some free goodies.
After eating a pulled pork sandwich we headed to the stage No Doubt would be playing later. We were almost all the way at the front. BUT I didn't last there because Flogging Molly was playing there before them. I got squished until I couldn't breathe, muddy shoes got shoved in my face and my hair was getting pulled out. I've been to plenty of heavy concerts before and survived, but this was simply too much. So at some point I squished myself to the back (and I lost my shoes in the mud in the process..). It was kind of a bummer, but at the same time I was glad I could actually enjoy the rest of the show from a distance without worrying about getting kicked in the face.

Gwen looked amazing. She kissed a guy who had a tattoo of her, got a girl who was dressed up as her in the 'Simple Kind of Life' video up on stage and she climbed all the way up during 'I'm just a Girl'. I also loved the videos in the back and acoustic versions of songs.
The next day, while we were still tired and bruised, it was time to explore the city! Again it rained heavily for about an hour, but after that everything cleared up again. First we went to see the famous 'Bean' in Millennium Park and some other sculptures. We visited a comic book store and marveled (no pun intended :P) over the expensive rare comic books.

We also did a little bit of shopping and I got a super cute Betsy Johnson make up pouch for cheap!

Then we hopped in the car again and drove down to Reckless Records, which is really close to where the location of the record store in High Fidelity is! Unfortunately there wasn't much to see there anymore, but I shot a picture anyway :) still had a bit of a fangirl moment!

At the end of this day we were all spent, so we headed back to the hotel and jumped right in the pool and hot tub! Then topped it all off with a delicious pizza and lots of zzZZzzz. Our plans of going out at night completely fell through but it was all good! Before we knew it, it was time to head back home again. We stopped at an outdoor mall for some last minute shopping (got some cute panda and flower earrings!), grabbed some food and then it was back in the car for a 9 hour drive back home.

I kind of wish we could've stayed longer and seen more of the city, but at the same time it felt good to be home. Thank you Chicago! You've been good to us. Maybe 'til next year!