Monday, April 18, 2016

Collectif Clothing Review: Winter Florals in Spring!

A little while ago I finally got my big order in from Collectif Clothing that my brother kindly brought with him while visiting. After winning the Collectif Shoe Design Competition they gave me store credit to spend and since they had a huge sale going on I immediately placed an order and got a bunch of new dresses. I'm going to review maybe one or two of them a month, so be ready for lots more retro fashion posts! Even though some of these styles won't be available anymore (I know BIG fashion blogger fail) by the time I post these reviews,  they are usually still available in other colours and prints which I will link to!
The moment I saw the print I was in love. Florals with red, purple and pink!? Yes please! I love how the pink is very subtle, but stands out more with my perfectly matching hair. There were various styles of this dress. The mini dolores (which is this one), a pencil skirt and a wiggle dress. Only the mini dolores was left in my size so the decision had been made for me already.
I got this dress in a uk size 8 and it fits perfectly! I was scared it would be too small since I like wearing their original dolores top in a uk size 10, but I'm so glad I sized down. The fabric has some good stretch to it so it's not restricting whatsoever. Really keep in mind that Collectif is measured in UK sizes. Their sizing chart is pretty accurate. I'm usually a size 6 US or small, but with Collectif I'm between an 8 (x-small) or 10 (small) depending on the amount of stretch the garment has. Collectif did advice to size down for fitted pinup fit and they were definitely right.

Since it's called 'mini dolores' I was scared it was going to be too short. I'm not a fan of the high street lengths that are around these days where I'm constantly worried if my butt is showing. I'm a tall lady (5"7 ish) and lots of clothes are always too short on me. But the length is perfect! It hits just above the knee which is my favourite length.The fabric is also heavy enough so the wind is hardly a problem.
A problem I have with the original Dolores top is that sometimes the elastic in the sleeves irritates my arms, but somehow I don't have that problem with this dress! You can wear the sleeves on the shoulder for a more conservative look, or off the shoulder for a flirtier and more playful look.
I am getting a petticoat I want to wear with this dress and some others I'll be reviewing soon, but it's really not necessary. The skirt is already quite full by itself and doesn't look limp when there's nothing underneath in my opinion. Another HUGE plus to me is the zip in the back. It goes very far down so you can step into it, which is amazing because you don't have to worry about messing up your hair or smearing your lipstick.
This style of dress is so versatile and flattering for every bodytype and I'm definitely keeping an eye out for other prints! You can dress it up or down, wear it during summer or winter and wear it with or without petticoat. There's still a small amount of these dresses left in Feral print for only £10.00 which is a steal!
For accesories I picked this hairflower I got from Collectif a little while back and these pretty sparkly earrings. I absolutely love Collectif's accessories and can't wait to add more to my collection. I paired it with my pink flats that are admittedly a little beat up, but I couldn't get over how well they matched!
I'm still learning when it comes to these outfit posts. I'm definitely going to have to invest in a tripod and possibly a camera remote so bear with me! It's definitely helping me with self confidence though. I don't mind taking pictures of my face, but full body shots? Still a little scary. Hopefully regularly doing posts like this will help me get over that. :)
A gratuitous cat picture because Zorro is a momma's boy and just wouldn't leave me alone.

Dress - Winter Floral Mini Dolores Dress (still available in Feral print here)
Hairflower: Collectif Clothing
Shoes - H&M (a few years ago)


  1. Wonderfully pretty springtime look. I'm the biggest sucker for a classic floral print on a dark background like this.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. What a pretty dress! The colours look lovely on you :)