Monday, March 7, 2016

The Little Things: Book Rainbows & Starburst Candles

I really have to start writing these down again. I've been really slacking in the gratitude department lately and it makes it hard to come up with these posts sometimes. I got a cute little notebook in the last Kawaii Box so maybe I should start using that! Posts like these are a reminder to myself and others that there is always something to be thankful for, no matter how small it might seem :) here is my list of awesome little things:

Randomly looking at houses in california and florida with my babe and daydreaming about our future home Finally getting my hands on ' your beauty mark' and reading it on snowy days Dita's perfume erotique chocolates with strawberry cream filling putting together a treasure hunt for valentine's day (with the best stuffed panda as a price at the end) doing my first succesful pincurl set and brushout! Getting a new desk! Reorganizing all of our books and decorating the desk 

Browsing books on Kijiji Play breaks with the cat As Above So Below, this movie was so incredibly scary and it's been a while since I've been so terrified while watching a movie. Last time was probably when I watched the Blair Witch Project by myself at 2 in the morning. First person/found footage style horrors with 'unknown evil' scare me the most. I almost had to turn it off! Spinning records more often! Dancing to JD McPherson in the kitchen with the bf while peeling potatoes  Starburst scented candles 

Chicken Souvlaki Pita's from Greek Brothers. Omg french fries on your pita? Spicy Tzatziki? Heaven. Painting all day The first pictures of the Miss Peregrine's Movie The game Neko Atsume Cat Collector. It's so pointless but so addicting! ♥ Receiving a cute postcard from my family back home Re-watching 'Meet the Barkers'. The boyfriend and I have been on a MTV celebrity reality show kick lately. It's so bad but so good Grilled Cheese with ketchup 

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