Thursday, May 6, 2010


Bagels and cream cheese? OHYES. Stuff's so good and I haven't had it in ages!
My caps lock button is ruined and they're playing the most horrible music outside and it's already past midnight but somehow I can't keep myself from moving along to it. Ongoing thought of the night: 'Oh hey it's another cheesy song I don't know the name of but I still know!'
Studied like a mad person today and got myself some Pokemon surprise eggs as a present. I ate one, and it had JIGGLYPUFF! And my hair is bright pink again, finally, I'm so happy with it!

'oh yeah it's ladies night and the feeling's right! Oh yeah it's ladies night, OH WHAT A NIGHT'

Just to give you an impression of the dj tonight. Don't you wish you were me right now?
no you don't.

I hate it if my dad keeps jawning really loud as some kind of hint to let me know I should get the fuck to sleep, but then he tell me how the hell I'm supposed to sleep with this amazing music playing outside?


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