Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Helga’s Confession
ARNOLD: Well, why?
HELGA: ‘Cause… ‘cause maybe I don’t hate you as much as I thought, okay? I guess maybe I even kind of like you a little. I guess you might even kind of say I like you a lot.
ARNOLD: You do? You did this for me?
HELGA: That’s right, hair-boy! I mean, criminy! What else are you supposed to do when someone you love is in trouble?
HELGA: You heard me, pal. I love you! LOVE YOU! Who else you think has been stalking you night and day, building shrines to you in a closet, filling volumes of books with poems about you? I love you, Arnold, I’ve always loved you, ever since I first laid eyes on your stupid football head!

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