Monday, June 14, 2010

I have ANOTHER job interview today. The official one this time, together with a surprise guest which will probably be really awkward. What will they ask me? I mean like come on, if they're gonna ask me why I want this job I'm totally gonna have to lie because I'm only doing it because of the money, not because I love to take care of old people so much. New York is expensive you know! Do old people like pink hair? Because I really don't want to dye it brown or something as I'm just starting to love my hair very very much. Blah.

I talked to a bunch of people who were really excited about me going there and said how it's a great city to go to alone, so now I'm not too scared about that fact anymore and I'm trying to set up a list with things I want to do there.
Things that are currently on the list:
The Nintendo World Store
Central Park
Ninja restaurant
Cycle tour
Canal Street
China Town
Little Italy
Union Square
Times Square
and so on...

Today I realised I forgot to take a picture of the painting I made for my brother and his now wife. FAIL. Now I'm going to work on a painting of my dad, as he requested. All these requests really keep me going and I really want to change my room right now so I'll have room to store all my art supplies and other junk so I won't have to clean everything up all the freaking time but just leave it be.

Just went grocery shopping for a mad amount of cereal and yoghurt. I'm slowly growing obsessed with yoghurt/milk and cereal and I freaked out when I found out this morning that we didn't have anything like that at home anymore. How could you deny tasty goodness like this?
I downloaded a bunch of random unknown songs that I haven't listened to yet and I'm going to check out right now. Includes bands such as: Obijou, Frightened Rabbit and Band of Horses.

Yesterday night I made this tattoo design
Basically it's a maneki neko in Hello Kitty shape which is meant to bring luck. It's also supposed to say 'independence' in Japanese/Kanji but I don't know if I got that right, and she's wearing the crown thingy of the statue of liberty, it represents New York as I'm trying to find freedom and independence by going there. If I wasn't convinced I'll probably regret it later on I'd so get this tattooed.

This has to be the longest TYPED update ever, but I really feel like I should make this blog more personal, instead of constantly updating it with random pictures. If I enjoy doing that it would be better if I would just get myself a Tumblr straight away.

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