Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last line of today's horoscope:
Remain true to yourself

So, today was my first day at work (home care). I was kind of excited about it and once the work was done I thought I had done a pretty good job and the woman who helped me seemed pleased too. Then I got home, changed, and then found a new voicemail message saying how they weren't too excited about how I had done everything and how they wanted to talk to me about whether this really was what I wanted.


Best decision of the week. I hate people talking bad about me behind my back. Just tell me straight to my face you don't like the way I look and/or work, because yes, it's a fucking beauty contest around there. From the first moment they saw my pink hair and my piercing they already kind of decided they didn't want me there and it made me feel sick.
I was willing to work, to give 200%, but they don't want me there. So that's their problem. I'm just gonna go back to my old job ^^ It's such a relieve, the people there were so close minded it was giving me a serious headache.

To get over the whole issue, I cheered myself up with some goodies I scored yesterday! I initially went to the candy shop for the ringpop, because I used to love those when I was younger (oh the old days :)), but then I also got some snap crackles that I always went to get with my sister and some Hello Kitty junk to match all my other Hello Kitty stuff (and they're tasty).

Did I already show all you unknown people my awesome Toy Story box? It even has glitters, which makes it even more awesome. I'm planning to go see the movie either tomorrow or Saturday! Yay!
Sarah is OUT.

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