Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Now I lay me down to pass out wasted again
Guess that makes this the seventh time this week
And there’s some words in my head that could keep me from dying
Are you handling this any better than I am?
If I keep it together will you promise to keep us together

Oh sometimes we lose each other
But please don’t lose your tongue
When I get home I’ll keep you up for hours
I'm gonna need breath in those lungs
And when you’re finally able to fall asleep though the sun might disagree
I'm gonna lay right there and watch you breathe ‘til you wake up to me

How’s it happened that I get to have you for so long
And then you’re just ripped away from me as I get tossed out to the sea
to fight the sharks out there waiting for a wind swell
Oh I’m kind of like a sailor back in 1942
Yeah I wanna fight the good fight, but goddamn I’m gonna miss you.

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