Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have returned from a pretty sweet long weekend. I got to cruise around town in my brother's rubber boat, went to this festival and I scored some goodies!
A cute dress/jumpsuit with little black bows

Some neat earrings!

And I got a Hello Kitty coin bank but I haven't got a picture of it yet as it's at my mum's, but I'm 99% sure it looks like this.

And once I got home I found this in the mail! I love it so much already.

I also saw a poster in town for this coconut flavoured drink. So today I got to the grocery store to see if they had it and they did! It's too good to be true mmmmmmm.

Now I've got to get down to some serious business and plan my trip to New York. Insurance shit. Bleh. Been procrastinating it ever since I booked my ticket. That and accomodation. I've been thinking of going couchsurfing but it'll probably be too much of a hassle anyway. So it's hostel time. Fucking expensive time. I wish I didn't have to spend money on having a place to sleep.


  1. i had no idea that there was a book of howls moving castle...now i must read it, its one of my fave movies!

  2. @The Childlike empress
    I highly recommend it, it's awesome c: