Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm on SUCH a Sanrio roll these days. I went to the two shops in New York and it's just.. gotten even worse lol. I came across the Sanrio Doc Martens boots too and was really damn tempted to buy them. But they were so expensive.. and I'm more of a simple sneaker person myself. I'll just let them be eye candy teehee.

Already before I left I had started playing the Hello Kitty Online game. Dangerously addictive, it's become my guilty pleasure because I feel like I shouldn't really be playing it. But screw that. Now, I've re-arranged my room and took down all the random pictures and scraps that were covering my wall and I'm planning on putting up some Sanrio inspired art and painting my wall either a warm red or purple, and I'm even considering magenta.. The colours in my room right now are yellow, lime green and orange and I hate it with a passion. It's been that way for years now and it's about time I'm gonna do something about it.

Re-decorating your room is fun though! I've got no idea where to begin.. but I'm gonna start with new pillow cases and a freshly painted wall and maybe I'll find some other fun stuff while shopping tomorrow. I had my cousins living in my room for the past 3 months so it didn't feel like my room anymore AT ALL when I came back home, so doing this feels good c:
Now. Lets post some inspiring stuff for the re-decorating!
Above bed is actually my bed (Mine is black though, and this isn't my room!).
I've already seen so many people who have it but I still love it so much ^_^
I can't wait to go and get some stuff tomorrow! My jet lag is being a bitch though. I didn't think basically skipping a night would affect me so much but I actually got sick :c no fun.

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