Friday, November 19, 2010

Away I go

My dvd arrived today!

 Allll evening.

Sometimes I kind of feel like my life is like Burt's and Verona's right now. Not in the 'having a baby' way, but in the 'finding my place' way. I'm done with where I am right now and basically everything is telling me that I have to move. Somewhere else. Some place 'new'. But by which people do I want to be surrounded? What city am I gonna live? What country even. I think secretly most people already kind of have in mind what I'm going to do and it pisses me off. They don't know what I want, at all. Nor do I. But everyone just keeps asking 'So what are you up to now' and I'm like 'why the hell should I be up to anything at all!?' Well, I don't say that but you get what I mean. Or don't. The Office is on now. Byez :)

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