Tuesday, November 16, 2010

art school crap.

I haven't told anyone yet but I'm secretly trying to figure out how I could get into the MICA at Baltimore. Everyone is expecting me to go to the art school in the city where I'm originally from, but the thing is, I can't envision myself there and when that's the case it's usually the wrong decision. I just don't want to tell anyone yet because I'm sure everyone will say that it's too far away and that I'll go there because of the wrong reasons. Of course it'll be much of a hassle to get my ass back to Baltimore, but I'm going to have to move out anyway so why not add a couple more miles to it and do it right? And yes, it'll be scary but that's what it's going to be anyway.

I just miss the place. And never did I miss anything about this country when I was away. I'm still kind of lost on the subject but I am positive that if I'd just be honest to myself and others for once that I'd say that I don't feel right here at all.

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