Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yesterday I went to check out an art school with my mum. It was really small though and despite them having a very interesting course which is this mix of art and music education, the location of the school would make me completely despressed and even more isolated than I already am. No worries though as there are like.. 6 more schools left for me to check out! Because we were done exploring the school so quick we had plenty of time left to explore the town is was in and I got in the mood for..


The first shop we went in they had this awesome container of Christmas sprinkles and now I'm already excited for decorating the christmas cake + cupcakes ^^ Some more Christmas cake decorations I would like to own....Holly mix sprinkles

Jumbo Gingerbread Boys Sprinkles

Edible Glitter

Holiday Mix Sparkling Sugars. I'm absolutely obsessed with putting glittery sprinkles on my cookies and cupcakes, it makes them look so perfect so easily!

I'll stop now, there's too much amazingness to choose from.
They also have some sprinkles that would've been PERFECT for Halloween cupcakes (Scooby Doo shaped sprinkles, creepy sprinkles lab, bone sprinkles etc. SO precious c:), but that has already passed so I won't make a Halloween post anymore. When we drove back home I could already imagine it snowing heavily and seeing christmas decorations everywhere. I just love this cozy inside/crafting/baking/coziness/hot cocoa & tea season.

I also went into every single sneaker shop to find me a new pair of Vans shoes. I'm a sucker for Vans and I really would like a new pair that are a bit warmer as my feet seem to freeze off these days. I know they're not the perfect winter shoes, BUT I DON'T CARE. I came across a perfect pair like.. 3 months ago (purple!) but they didn't have my size and I was too lazy to look them up online and now I can't find them anywhere. I likeh this one, this one, this one and this one. The thing is, with shoes and basically everything else I'll KNOW when something is right and I most likely do it straight away, Now I'm not sure, so I'll wait.

Sooooo enough for my shoe rambling. I just finished reading Geek Love and it's the best book ever (well, one of them)! Go read it now.

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