Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Curls

My hair has been up in curlers all night. I can be a real girly girl sometimes and spend an entire evening with painting my nails, curling my hair and experimenting with make-up (maybe even some secret dancing on the bed stuff! Ugh, no.) Anyway, the night of bad sleep due to sticky curlers poking me everywhere turned out the be worth it because I love how my curls turned out! I doubt they'll last though, because even though I naturally already have curly hair they haven't lookes this defined, shiny and bouncy for a looooong time. Blame my hair dying obsession. Wanted to give it a try again though, and it being Christmas eve tonight was a good excuse to do so. I got inspired by Marilyn Monroe and these pretty Pin Up Girl dresses
There are so many more beautiful dresses on there! I'm dreaming of making a red one myself some time soon once I've gotten the hang of sewing.. My dress today is pastel green and pastel purple. So Christmassy. Not.

Just finished my presents and they turned out awesome. I don't think I've ever put this much effort into Christmas, let alone have been this nice to anyone. And I baked/decorated about 150 cookies yesterday. Beat that. Today I'm going to spend christmas eve with some family who live 3 hours from here, which is great 'cause they actually have SNOW there :D I don't know why I'm typing so much. Geez.


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