Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whisper of the Heart

Today I watched 'Whisper of the Heart', another Ghibli movie. It was truly wonderful and definitely one of my favourite Ghibli movies, if not an overall fav. The story behind it was something I really felt I could relate to. The stubborn girl who reads books all day, loves to write and wishes life in the real world could be like the stories in the books she cherishes.Who thinks her future is in writing, but constantly thinks whatever she creates sucks and is cheesy and unoriginal, let alone worthy for anyone to read. But also the characters were very recognizable, the relationships, situations, emotions. And cats played an important role in it too! That's always a good thing. I also loved the music and the role of the violin in it.
It was just crazy how everything seemes completely in tune with what I'm going through right now. What should I do with my future? I constantly want to push myself these days to work on my art and writing, even if it's just to proof myself to people. To show them that I'm not just lazing around but am actually working on something while locked inside my room most of the time. Like Shizuku I'm often scared to show my work to others though. You don't even want to know how many sketches, drafts, canvasses etc. I have lying around that I've never shown to anyone before.
Enough deep emotional chit chat. Just go and check that movie out!

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