Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Changed my vf profile! I couldn't be happier. I realised it had way too much information so I simply deleted everything and started fresh. It has titties now.This year I want to try to be more 'mysterious'. I feel like somehow I jump into things way too quick sometimes, not literally like in a pool, but figuratively. I'm maybe a bit too honest for my own good and don't really keep anything left for others to discover. This profile change is a good step, not that I use it that much anymore, but I felt like people didn't know what to say or comment anymore because everything was already answered in the profile. Not saying a lot people actually read it, but still.

Also, I don't know if I already mentioned this before but since the new year started I've been working on my art for at least an hour every single day. I haven't been this productive in AGES.

I'll stop now before I give too much information again and get off of my lazy ass.

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