Saturday, January 15, 2011


I want a bunny again. A cuddly little bunny. I used to have one called Snoopy when I was little. She was black with little white spots and she always went camping with us. I'd go for walks with her (and she'd escape occasionly causing the whole campside to run after her). Eventually we moved and she had to live in the basement and died shortly after :c I had two little baby ones a few years later, but once we had to move again my dad secretly brought them someplace else. He didn't even tell me he was going to. They were just gone.

Or a hamster. I used to have hamsters too, they're so much fun! We used to put them in this racing car with a wheel in it and it would race through the entire house. And I had a Tube City like this too
Trust me. It was hell cleaning it all but so much fun. Hamsters are awesome. Mine turned out to be pregnant though and then we suddenly had 10 hamsters. Little did I know hamsters eat their babies(!) so we didn't have those for too long..

Just look at iiiiiiiiit ^.^

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