Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today just keeps getting better and better! I started off the day with some fresh mint tea and drawing Sanrio characters for inspiration
It deffinitely worked because after that I whipped up a cute design in no time! The line work is done, now it only needs some color! When I took a break from drawing I found this delicious thing in the fridge...
The best ready made iced mocha latte I've ever had <3 Then I continued drawing until suddenly the doorbell rang. It was the postman delivering my first (belated) birthday present!!
It's so beautiful. I wanted art books for my birthday but we could only get the ones I wanted on the internet. At first I was bummed out because that meant I most likely wouldn't get any presents on my birthday but it's actually way more fun when you get one or two every day c: And it's still kind of a surprise which one is gonna be inside the package..
Did I mention by the way that I started a 365 project on my birthday? I'll be taking a picture every day for a year until my next birthday. Well, I'm gonna try, but I'm sure I can do it! Maybe I'll make a Flickr for it or something later on.

Checking out another art school tomorrow. I was VERY excited about the last one I visited so I'm deff. going to try to get accepted there, but I still want to check out the others on my list just in case. Back to my art now.


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