Friday, February 11, 2011

Inspired by cute bento boxes! Why do so many people think that playing with your food is wrong?

That egg looks like Weebl! (or Bob)


I can't just pick one. I mean check this out and you'll see what I mean. I'm a big fan of cooking, but not just the usual 'I cook because I have to eat so I'll deal with it' kind of cooking. I love trying new things and always challenge myself to make it as healthy as possible but still super tasty. Now I want to start focusing on making my food look pretty, but in a fun way like bento boxes! 

I've already started using cookie cutters for more than just cookies. Now I also enjoy cutting fruit, veggies and stuff like cheese with it. It's a true art, but I think stuff like this is perfect for a perfectionist like myself. If I'm ever going to have kids, their lunchboxes will always be awesome.

I recently received the book Tokyo Clash which is filled with pictures and information about Tokyo and it's culture. Now my big question is: why the hell isn't the entire world as awesome as that place? Why is everything around here so dull and unimaginative? I think it's my job to add kawaii faces to boring lampposts or cover every single trashcan with pink and glitter. I hope that once I get into art school, I get to go to Japan in my 3rd year. Or that I just get to go there in general. Art school and Japan seems like an amazing combination at the moment.

This is such a messy and long post but I don't give a damn.

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