Thursday, February 17, 2011

Treasure Hunting pt. 2

I'm having so much fun going through all my old stuff these days!
Found my old cat ears and tail from when I was a white cat in a school play! Hello, Kitty c: Purrrr
 This pc game with which I used to be obsessed, along with an other Barbie game and some Barbie activity/coloring books. This makes me and my two nieces three very happy girls..

 My Bambi and Dalmatians figurines! Dawww I remember playing with these all the time. I think I had two of those Bambi's though... and more Dalmatians.

LOTS of Powerpuff Girls stuff. I kind of forgot how obsessed I used to be with it. Now the theme song is stuck in my head. I'm gonna have to watch that vhs again tonight. 

'Fighting crime, trying to save the world, yeah they come just in tiiime, the Powerpuff Girls!'

Other things were: funny old pictures of my all natural looking self, cute glittery cut-out pictures, magazines/books I used to make, crafts and other junk/treasures. But hey, it left me satisfied and smiling.
That's what she said.

Back to eating my Hello Kitty marshmallows.

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