Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And gone is the amazing weather. Hello windy coldness. I'm glad I enjoyed it as much as I could while it lasted. Especially working in the garden has been so much fun. So many pretty flowers I especially love these my mum got. They're called bleeding-hearts (or in Dutch 'broken hearts')  and I mean.. look at them! They're in the shape of a heart and pink. Too pretty.
Gotta love all the other plants too though!
What are you doing on my flower you dirty fly?

And our blossom... A couple of days ago I looked outside and suddenly exclaimed: 'Omg mom we've got so much blossom in our front yard!'
Those pink blossomed trees though... I'm a sucker for pink blossomed trees. Blossomblossomblossom.

AND yesterday was my cousin's birthday and I finished her painting right on time!
In the end I was more proud of my gift wrapping skills than the actual painting..


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