Monday, April 11, 2011

Win a Whale

Hi there. Lately with the sun being out a lot I was either outside getting high on fresh air or inside being depressed as hell. Lately I've been going for walks a lot more than usual, especially since somebody told me that after 20 minutes of walking you all of a sudden start feeling so much better than before. So yeah, I have to push myself every single time to go, but it's deffinitely doing me some good.
It's times like the spring I feel blessed for still living on the island. Not only the beach is awesome but also the endless fields with sheep are awesome to stroll through right now. And the rows and rows of tulip fields! I should take a picture of them sometime soon.

Finally, last Saturday I bought myself some new felt and made these little cuties... <3
I called the purple one Weezy, simply because that was all I was listening to when I was making him. The pink one is yet to be named. Any ideas? I will make another whale for the person who comes up with the most awesome name. Just leave a comment! I can even let you pick the colors as I got to get some more felt anyway (or if you want the pink one, we can make that happen too). Go go go!


  1. I'm trying to push myself to walk more too. I aim for 30 minutes a day, but often it just doesn't happen unless the weather is nice. It soo makes a difference.

  2. I feel like you should name the pink one Norman... I'm not quite sure why.