Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm back from...
Ha no I wish. This is a picture of the back of the old building for the Holland America Line.
I now know why Rotterdam appealed to me the most out of all our cities. Not only because I liked the school best out of all the other art schools, but also because it reminds me so much of America. It's like a mix of Baltimore (where I've never wanted to leave ever since I got there last year) and New York. Tall buildings, a harbor, a train that reminds me both of the New York metro and the MTA Lightrail, quirky shops.. It's also that whenever you mention Rotterdam here people aren't too positive about it and don't really understand why you'd want to go there, which is in my experience also the case with Baltimore. But they both are great cities as long as you take the time to explore. Let me share some pictures with yoouu!

The harbor I just mentioned, right around the corner of my new school
Let me tell you, I've never had so many great food and drinks as in this city! It feels like I've been to India, Mexico, Spain and anywhere else exotic and amazing in only three days. Bazar was an amazing place, especially the inside. It was like you stepped right into a bustling Moroccan/Indian market. Even the bathroom was stunning.. (looooook it's me in the mirror!)
This was taken in their hotel next door. I want a tree like that in my house.
This caramel cappuccino was also one of my favs during the trip though. Along with my watermelon/yogurt ice cream cone (and the fabulous Mexican restaurant called Popocatepetl where not only the food but also the decorating was great)
We also found the cupcake shop called Alice in Cakeland I read about earlier! It was so... sweet, cute, inspiring and fun. It almost makes me want to ditch school and just start one of my own. Almost. But I mean, just look at it! I didn't get any cupcakes though because I just had my ice cream and they probably would've been ruined if I took them with me out in the ridiciously hot weather.
This is a window display of another bakery nearby. I was in love.
And ofcourse we visited the Shop for Friends Hello Kitty store where I got this cutie (though I secretly wanted to buy everything they had *sigh*)
Of course on May 5 there was also Liberation Day going on here and they had a little festival in the park with stands, live music and lots of people. I always love the whole atmosphere at events like this but the amount of people kinda gets to me eventually..
So then you retreat and stick some incense in the grass. Easy as that.
The last day we had a ride with the metro. I like travelling with metro trains. They remind me of good times. If I didn't get to live downtown I wouldn't mind taking this thing to get to school. They're at least a whole lot better than the (literally) pain in the ass bright orange rental bikes from the hostel.
And finally, a pretty sweet sign I didn't know where to fit in but it simply needs to be in this post.
I even got offered a job at the hostel already! How cool is that? I think by now I've had some decent experience with them so who knows..
Finally, while walking to the bus stop, I got a small Bible from a really cute guy. I believe in God now. My mum was like 'omg that hot boy just gave you a Bible!'. I love my mum.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend too!


  1. Lovely pictures. Reminds me a little of Seattle. And that makes me home sick. :-)

  2. it looks like a beautiful place to stay, idk, it just now caught my eye :] xoxo Alexx