Wednesday, June 15, 2011

octopoi octopodes octopuses

So... the strawberry earrings were a hit! It was awesome because she was just wearing pink and yellow so they matched her outfit perfectly. And how can you resist my awesome gift wrapping skills?

I always sucked at giftwrapping but I think I'm getting better at it...
And. Remember I said I'm gonna make more jewellery myself? Well, I DID. I made these cute earrings along with another pair with lighter pink roses and mint green bows I think they're my favorite pairs now teehee.
Also quite digging my current nailpolish.
Yesterday I spend my entire day on making this little fellow using this free pattern. Why does an octopus have eight arms and why did I have to make it in 3D again? Oh yeah and sew 64 sequins on it? Because octopuses are cool like that. Wait. What is even the plural of octopus? Octopuses just sounds wrong. Might just as well call them octopussies then. Anyway, I'm pretty proud of it!

And finally: I might have found a room! But it's freaking me out because if all goes well that'll mean I'll be moving out in only 2 weeks. WHAT. I just can not.. But I'll have my own kitchen and balcony and I'm actually pretty psyched about it in a good and a bad way.



  1. congrats about your new home! and well, you can sell the stuff you're making online, like everyone does at the moment, and it could be a great success :]

  2. The wrapping paper is adorable! So are the earrings. Pink roses are just the best. Also: best octopus in the history of forever. For real.