Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yesterday was the weirdest freaking day. I was just out shopping and minding my own business until a woman and a man (both artists) stopped me and talked to me. Now, eventually, I ended up at their place drinking black tea (which I don't like at all. BRING ON THE HONEY) and this guy told me all this stuff about me and they were very touchy touchy and focused on.. sex. Really now? And even though I was quite stunned about all this stuff he told me I realised I didn't ask for this. I'm too down to earth these days to even care about all their floaty 'oh but you're so different' crap. They almost obliged me to like them because 'they were like me'. But today I realised how actually they only isolated me even more from the real world and make me even more of a loner. I don't mind the whole idea of 'getting married and having kids', even if it's considered 'mainstream'. I really don't care about most people making 'safe' decisions, because the past few months I learned those people are still human too. We all are. 

I guess it comes down to that... maybe I am a bitch who pushes everyone away, but I don't need people generalising me right now. But now I feel bad because I probably won't contact them anymore and maybe they'll loose all faith in humanity once more. But just thinking about all that happened makes me feel sick while I felt so happy and at peace before.

Fuck this shit. Someone share some funny crap with me.


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  2. Sorry your day didn't go well, that sucks.

  3. @Grace ahaha those links from stumbleupon were genius. I completely forgot about that website!