Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can you believe this is the most expensive paintbrush I've ever bought? It'll make detailing so much easier though. Fuzzy cheap chipping paint brushes just aren't the best thing to work with. I feel like a wizard when using this one.

On my way to the art supply shop I saw the cutest corgi pup ever. I'd never seen one in real life before! I just suddenly stopped, stared for a whole minute barely able to believe what was sitting there all cute and fluffy a few feet away from me, until the lady noticed and I got to pet it (and possibly could've picked it up and run of with it and make it mine forever). There's no going back now, I want one.

But for now, it's back to work. I'm working on something inspired by Koala Cookies and rainbow eucalyptus. I finished another painting yesterday, but more about that later!
I also made a pen cup out of the Lychee drink can I got earlier (the drink itself wasn't too yummy, but I still loved the can). Yes I cut myself once while making it, but I think the edges are dull enough now. RECYCLING FTW.


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