Sunday, July 24, 2011

The past 2 days the weather was total shit once again.I usually don't mind weather like this in the fall, but it's summer right now and I think we deserve all the sun we can get when it's the season for it.. Am I really starting to talk about the weather here? YES. Because it sucks so much.

But I went shopping yesterday. Survival shopping. I think my country soon will have hurricane season too (like, right now) I could hardly move forward. Now I'm not really the kind of person who likes to show off every single little thing they buy, but I got quite some awesome stuff and I'm bored so I wanna share c: I think it's pretty awesome that everything I got was up for sale.

Marie stickers, awesome looking drinks I have yet to try, delicious new tea & Hello Kitty socks
My Little Pony deco tape, Hello Kitty mug and Koala Cookies!
Not pictured is the dvd of Wristcutters <3 I literally squeeled when I saw it up for sale! I also found these really cute lilac angel cat sweatpants, but when I went to ask someone about how much it was (it didn't have a tag) in a matter of seconds this woman snatched it away from me and seriously RAN to the checkout with it (!!!!).

I also had way too much coconut pudding with mango syrup. And I read a lot again in Everything is Illuminated. It's so hilarious. People kept throwing me weird looks when I giggled again and again. Look, I'm sorry about laughing in public.


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  1. I love Wristcutters! I've been trying to get my boyfriend to watch it for the last few days.