Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sorry about the lack of updates. It wasn't like I was busy, I just don't have the ability to be online every single second. Thank God.

Last Thursday I went to check out my new place in Rotterdam. I couldn't be more excited about it! I think what I love most is the balcony, but it's a damn amazing room altogether. It's not some cramped up little box some students are supposed to call a decent livingspace around here. Nu-uh. I can't wait to move in there, which won't be long now. I didn't take pictures because I felt awkward and there was still all this stuff from the previous owner. Am I the only one who feels awkward taking pictures of anything when I'm out in public by myself?

Next stop: Bright Eyes concert!
But first: awkward waiting on a bench moment.
I was just sitting on a bench just outside the venue because I felt like my legs would break if I took one more step (I didn't even get decent food but maybe that was just pure laziness). Then, this guy with a Bright Eyes tote bag (which I was very tempted to steal from him, it had a yellow bird on it!) sat on the bench next to me. I think we both sat there for an hour, knowing damn well we were going to the same gig, and being bored as hell waiting and staring and people watching. He walked away.

The concert was awesome. Conor seemed really happy and hyper and simply so genuinly thankful for all the support and his band, unlike the previous time when there was clearly  a more dark and grimy atmosphere. I loved the version of Lua they did with a trumpet...
...and laddersong was beautiful. And he shook my hand! Eek! Unreal! He hugged a girl and an older man just a few feet away from me though. GREEN WITH ENVY. But it was great, and how couldn't it be? Such a long set though. Standing for 5 hours straight is not recommended.

Conor why are you so damn handsome?
My ticket and the hand that I was planning to never wash again (pssht I failed)

The next day I went into town and finally got the book of Everything is Illuminated. Brilliant is all I can say about it so far. Browsing through the art section (mmmmm I could browse in bookstores for hours) I came across two art books by Monsa Publications that are on the top of my wishlist right now: I love kawaii (sounds really cheesy but it has so much beautiful art) and Sweet Illustration.

 I also got some awesome cat stickers.
And I tried on an insane amount of clothes but the shops  made a compromise with my wallet so nothing looked good.

This whole weekend is 'family weekend'! Yesterday I finally got to roast marshmallows again. HEAVEN. Now all I have left to say is: doesnt my sister have the coolest fruit bowl ever? 


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