Monday, September 5, 2011

Busy busy busy with school. It's like what I used to do every day only multiplied by ten. These are some ideas for one assignment I'm quite excited about, an illustration that expresses 'the traveler'. It can be anything from a backpacker to time traveler. My mind is overflowing with ideas...

All I need is a Hello Kitty plush and a teapot.
I'm digging the idea of space travellers. But it'll probably just stay an idea.
Yes that is a bunny walking the Great Wall of China.
I'll also be doing a lino cut, school interior ideas, an article on Evan Baden, collages inspired by 'fire'. Ohgeez help me please. But it's weird because I always used think negative about anything called 'homework', but these assignments are actually fun. So I keep procrastinating because it's called homework, but then I realize it's not all that bad. 

Luckily I still have my wonderful little balcony to sit, relax and drink lots of tea and where I recently enjoyed the official last day of summer. Obviously our last day of summer is one of the hottest of the past months. Honestly.


  1. I LOVE the bunny walking on the Great Wall :)
    Also, I wish I could drink tea on a balcony. Mostly I just drink it in my recliner, which also works.

  2. Congrats! I'm happy 'bout you :] anyways i already sent you the postcard, but the box is still on the making lol

  3. @Alexandrovna aww you're too kind c: I'm gonna post my card for you tomorrow!!