Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rest in peace Snowy

Today the sweetest cat I ever had, Snowy, had to be put down. She already had trouble breathing last week and it only got worse the past few days. I feel kind of bad about it because she quickly got worse ever since I moved out of the house. I haven't even been able to see her anymore...
She'd always be willing to cuddle up with me and knew exactly when I was feeling sad and needed some cathugs. I remember getting her as a little kitten 9 years ago. I couldn't stop playing with her and always had to take her to bed with me. She had kittens herself three times, and we kept two of them. Of course I love them too, but not as much as Snowy. She was the very first cat that was all mine.

She was like my own Hello Kitty <3 And it was Hello Kitty's birthday yesterday, so now every year I'll have a little kitty memorial day of some sort. At least she won't have to face the horrors of new year's eve anymore. She was terrified of fireworks and always hid in the shower.

I hope you'll get into cat heaven with lots of white clouds to hide in so you can just sleep all day without anyone bothering you.


  1. Aww im so sorry to hear this horrible news, its so sad :'[
    i completely understand how you feel like, i do also have special cats around :3
    Rest in Peace Snowy :3

    Try to cheer up a little :']

  2. @Alexandra yeah it's weird 'cause I'm not actually there, so it's hard to imagine she's gone. I guess it'll hit me when I go home for the weekend again..

  3. Aww, I'm sorry your cat had to be put down. That's always really hard. A few of our pets died lately too. Although, admittedly, they were neither fluffy nor cute.