Tuesday, January 10, 2012

eclairs and ovaries.

So. I just got a whole bag of eclairs I thought I would need for school (don't ask), but it turns out I don't so now I'm stuffing my face with them. DANGER. I already had five, and feel kinda sick.

Then a friend told me Matt Smith was single again and I was like
...but after some research it turns out it's kind of old news and they're apparently seeing each other more lately. Dawwww. Lucky lucky lucky girl. 

And did you guys see the brand new SHERLOCK? I still can't get over its awesomeness!! Total mind fuck at the end.

Okay but I have my first.. how do you call it? Assessment, judging, rating for school in about two hours and even though it's not a big deal I still have butterflies in my stomach. Or are those just eclair butterflies? Ugh.

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