Saturday, January 7, 2012

Future Pass

I have just been to one of the greatest art exhibitions I have been to in a long time. I think the last time I walked through a museum with such a huge grin on my face was at AVAM in Baltimore! 

It was called Future Pass with mainly art inspired by manga, anime and really just pop culture in general. Now, in my country, it's pretty darn hard sometimes to find art like this so I went there with not too high expectations (which I guess is always a good thing..). Oh boy was I wrong! I got so so so super excited upon seeing all the prettiness! Colors, glitter, awesome sculptures, dolls! Eeeeee! It was mindblowing from beginning to end. The beginning being three immense works by Yang Na (who has now been added to my list of favorite artists)
Ok but enough talk now. Thankfully you were allowed to take pictures, so prepare for a picture overload after the cut! BUT, if you're planning on going to this exhibition (which you should if you're anywhere near Rotterdam), I don't recommend looking at the pictures just yet ;)

This had a sort of hologram/3d effect which makes it even greater than it already is.
Takashi Murakami <3
This piece was HUGE (hence it not fitting in the picture)
Oh hai. Can I take you with me plz?
This. Makes so much sense.
This little guy! He was hidden behind the stairs making fun noises.
I wanted to sneak him home with me so bad..
One of my favs by artist Tomoko Nagai.
And at the right an awesome painting of Gary Baseman I forgot to take a picture of.
There's a real sheep skeleton in there!
Another one of my favs, by Han Yajuan! It was really sparkly even though you can't see it on this pic.
I also got a top with another one of her works on it at the shop c:
Another hologram-ish piece, so great!
Angel Eye is watching you.
These awesome spiders were crawling all the way up the stairs, scaring little boys.

I want to go again! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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