Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sense of accomplishment.

Blogging from the backyard with a cup of tea and the neighbour cat squinting its eyes at me. Ah yes this is the good life. I have an art update! Yay! About time. I've worked on two things: painting bunnies on pebbles and finally making a little painting for my mom!
Bunny pebbles! They have sparkles too, but they don't show in the pic.
I'm not sure what to do with them yet. Any ideas?
My mom (I'm sorry I'm talking so much about her these days haha, I'm so silly.) loves religious/spiritual imagery. She has a whole wall filled with catholic icons. I've always wanted to make a painting for her and since I'm super inspired by religious/spiritual imagery myself too these days (check out my Pinterest board for it here!) I reckoned now was the right time to get started on it!
It's based on a postcard of Santa Rosa de Lima I sent sometime ago.
I also added some pressed flowers from the backyard.
In between painting I went into town for some random shopping/people watching. I picked up this pretty tray for the Turkish Tea set we had, but which was dusting away on a shelf! It fits perfectly. Anyone up for a cup of Turkish apple tea with me?
And then for my greatest score: a Hello Kitty top from the H&M kid's section for only 3 euros! The tag said 7, but it scanned 3. I don't know why, but for some reason that gave me a huge sense of accomplishment. Hehe. I've also been playing around with fake eyelashes, since we had them lying around and I got bored. Now, I like how you can create a super cute doll-like look with it, but damn, those things are annoying and make my eyes feel heavy/sleepy. I'll save them for special occasions only.
New top and crazy long lashes!


  1. First look amazing! And your hair colour really suits you! (sorry i had to say it ^^')
    Turkish apple tea sounds delicious to me! :]
    Fake lashes always look cool and sexy but needless to say having sth sticked in your eyes is not my favourite thing. And by the way, the drawing looks beautiful! Your mom will love it!
    Ps: i use rocks to hold doors from closing by the wind, or placed in the garden as decoration, my mother used to paint them too! :D
    Ps2: after reading kafka on the shore (wich was some time ago) and loving (at least me) the book so much, I wanted to give a try to the movie 'Norwegian wood' based on the book by H Murakami, and watched it last week with my boyfriend. Well you can give it a try if you like but I was really dissapointed, it's all about sex and death but in my opion with no sense at all, maybe I had some big expectations after the other book or sth. Anyways, sorry for the long reply haha and have a great week! :D


  2. @Alexandra thank you dear :) and that's so crazy because I watched Norwegian Wood last week too! I had finished the book a couple of days before it (and loved it) but I was kinda disappointed by the movie too..

  3. I love the rock bunnies! I don't have any idea what you could do with them, but they're just fantastic! As is the painting for your mother.
    I've never had apple tea, but it sounds awesome! I must try it.

    The top and eyelashes are awesome! Also, I just love your hair.