Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In with the new!

A little post about NEW things in my life...
New Art
One of the things I was most excited about this summer was that I could create whatever and whenever I wanted. No judgings or grading or deadlines. But to be honest, I've been lazy and am not doing near as much as I want and should do. It's coming along though, little by little... I'm also trying to do some outfit drawings!

New Mosquito Bites
It's horrible Mosquitos never liked my blood, but now those little vampires are attacking me every night! I even have bites on my hands which for I find most odd for no reason at all. *throws cute pink mosquito net in the trash*

New Projects
I've unknowingly started a little 'daily' project again. Tatadadaaa! Daily cam self portraits! It's not supposed to be anything serious. Webcam pics just make me feel good about myself I mean.. a webcam makes you look so much better than you actually do! So a good way to start of my morning is by looking at myself through the webcam. And every single morning starts with my laptop so it's much easier than having to dig up my camera that'll then be out of battery or full or WHATEVER.
I like eating peaches.
A new journal
My old one was filled up after half a year once again so I could finally use my new one and decorate it! It has glow in the dark stars on it too, so it's easier to find in the dark when I feel like I need to write something down at night (which happens all too often, seriously.)

New Make-up routine
I really should do this more often. For too long I've been sticking to the same crappy foundation and to me it's so much fun spending hours smearing foundations and powders all over my hands! I really want to get better at priming my face (primer, foundation, concealer, powder etc.) Youtube make-up tutorials WATCH OUT!

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