Saturday, August 18, 2012

Polyvore Love

Lately I've been really active on Polyvore again . It's the perfect place for me to express my love for clothes, accessories and (dream) outifts, paired with pretty pictures, random objects/'fillers' and text. They basically serve as inspiration boards!

Browsing through collections and saving all the items I love and inspire me is one of my favorite ways to spend some uninspired, empty moments. And another great thing about Polyvore: a lot of the items are actually for sale! It's a huge disappointment though when it turns out it isn't. But oh well, you can still dream and put it into one of your sets anyway. Kinda like you're digitally wearing it.

I like to think of the way I dress and do my make-up etc. is like an extension of my art and creations. I often use the same colors and/or patterns I'm wearing in my paintings (or the other way around! that color combinations in paintings inspire me for new outfits!). I believe all my interests (art, fashion, music, movies, books etc.) flow and merge together in a way and are basically the same but in a different form. Am I rambling now? Yes I am. And I don't care.

I've always loved those parts in magazines where they have put together items (especially fashion and beauty) according to a certain color or theme or whatever. Maybe it's because it's all organized and neat, or simply because it just looks pretty! I wouldn't mind having that for a job. Ever since I was little one of my dreams was always to work for a magazine. I made them myself all the time. I should do that again.

Talking about fashion... I just stumbled across these beauties:
To get or not to get!? I know I already own a pair of Hello Kitty Vans, but these are like.. a hundred times prettier! I might just sell the pair I already have since I hardly ever wear them.

update: I ordered them anyway :) now I can freak out when the postman comes to deliver the package just like in the commercials! Aaahh!!

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  1. I totally forgot about Polyvore! I'll have to get back on there.