Saturday, September 8, 2012

Creepy Cute Halloween!

Since the last few days I've suddenly got really excited about HalloweenMaybe that's a little silly, since we don't even really celebrate it around here (I know right!?) I do feel like we're picking up on it though since I spot more and more Halloween goodies and events every year.

I really miss the Halloween stores and the other related awesome amount of stuff I could find in America when I was there two years ago though.. but I miss America in general. ANYWAY, I put together a small collage of Halloween prettiness (with a lot of Hello Kitty mixed in! Because there's nothing better than Hello Kitty x Halloween stuff)


  1. Halloween is the best, and so are the goodies. It's my favourite time of the year to go shoping, there are always loads of special halloween editions around! :D And halloween in America...that's a dream to me! :3


  2. Halloween it the best holiday ever! I haven't done anything for it for the last couple of years because they've cut trick or treating down to like two hours on one day, so it sucks. I think I'm going to have a Halloween party this year, though.

  3. @Grace I wanna come to your Halloween party DD: