Monday, September 3, 2012

♥♥ Nana ♥♥

I finally brought myself to watch the Nana live action movie! I am happy to say that I'm not disappointed. On the contrary. I loved it :3 Obviously they left some parts of the storyline out. If they hadn't this movie probably would've taken way too long anyway. But I think they really did the anime and manga justice by paying close attention to detail and of course: the amazing cast!
I remember an old friend of mine loved this series way back when, but at the time I guess it just wasn't for me. I'm thrilled watching it now though, especially since the characters are the same age as I am and go through similar experiences, emotions and other fun and/or complicated in life. It's good having something to relate to. Even though the storyline is most likely entirely fiction, the emotions and events in this series are so real. You won't be able to watch this without crying and laughing hysterically and even taking a couple of minutes to think about it all before moving on.
I have yet to finish reading the manga (which I'm currently doing online, so that's why it's going slow) but at least I can highly recommend both the anime and live action movie. And oh what the heck, go read the manga too! Since books are always better than movies. 


  1. I've always been tempted to read manga and watch the movie, mmmm i should now! haha :3

  2. @Alexandra I think you'll appreciate Nana c: Especially the anime is a great way to get into it!

  3. Hi! I'm icoSnap :) I was hopping around for kawaii websites and found your link. I've added you on my fave links (care for exchange links?).

    Now onto the topic, I love NANA the movie! There's also a part 2 that was released but I never got a chance to see it. Hachi (the other nana) is one of my favorite actresses. She is in a lot of good movies like Virgin Snow and Tada, kimi o aishiteru (which were a very cute love stories). Which one did you like better though - the anime or the movie?

  4. @icoSnap Hi there icosnap! Your blog looks so lovely, I'm gonna follow it straight away ^^ You seem to have been to so many amazing places!

    Part 2 of the movie is also really great! You should definitely watch it sometime. The anime will always be most precious to me though. It obviously has a more complete story and in a way more dept and emotion. I'm happy they were able to more or less preserve that in the movie, even though parts of the story were left out (for obvious reasons).