Thursday, January 24, 2013

I want a walrus for my birthday.

Am I a real adult now? Is it really happening? I know it's cliché to say this but I feel so old. The past few days I've been listening to songs from the early 00's and can you believe that's already at least 13 years ago? WHAT!? Yes I was shocked. But I'm also excited!

The above outfit is just a little something I put together as a dream outfit (and OMNOMNOM CHEESECAKE). Even though I'm already in a party mood today I won't be celebrating my birthday until Saturday, when I will wear one of my prettiest party dresses for special party occasions!

Totally ready for my years as a twenty-something. BRING IT ON. I'm going to leave you with this picture of a Walrus' reaction after getting a birthday cake made out of fish. Isn't that the cutest thing ever? You should also check out this walrus birthday video!


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah! n.n

    Ps: that walrus is indeed the cutest thing ever :3


  2. Aaah! Thats awesome, very happy birthday! What did you get for your birthday? It'd be cute to see what you got! Everything would be so kawaii *O*
    Have fun today!


  3. @Anonymous Thank you Miriam! I'll do a little post-birthday post next week c:

  4. @AlexandraThankies again :D And I know right!? That was kinda my reaction when I opened your gift haha

  5. Happy Birthday Sarah! Hope you have a great one! Love your blog! You're really talented!

  6. Happy Birthday Sarah! May all your wishes come true :)

  7. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great one, and many best wishes! :)

  8. THAT WALRUS IS FANTASTIC! Also, happy happy birthday!