Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Swooning

These days (weeks/months..) I'm working my way through all the movies John Cusack ever starred in. (you can find the IMDB lists here and here'Why?'  you ask, well, 'Why not?' and also because he can make even the shittiest movie worth watching. If he would be in every single tv commercial, I would sit around all day waiting for the commercials to come on.

I have to admit though, the latest ones I watched weren't really movies I'd watch had mr. Cusack not been in it (Ice Harvest, The Contract, True Colors) but the one I watched yesterday was a true little gem.

It's John Cusack's very first film, and he hasn't got a major rule but he IS major cute in it. His sixteen year old beautiful self! I should've known it would be right up my alley since it's an 80's movie, and 80's movies about teenagers are simply the best thing ever (think also 16 candles, Pretty in Pink or even the Breakfast Club).

This is a little youtube clip with clips of John Cusack in Class. Watch that very first scene and then try telling me your heart didn't just skip a beat *swoon*

Oh and it's also got Rob Lowe in it! You know, Chris Traeger of Parks and Rec! And damn, he hasn't changed one bit.
End of crazy fangirl blogpost.

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