Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekend Lounging

I am planning on mainly hanging out in my warm, cozy home this weekend. Working on school, drinking tea and baking clean muffins (mmmm obsessed with blueberries), burning candles. Nothing better than plaid shirts with cute underwear! Also, I've been reading The Help on and off for a while now, but I absolutely love it! It's not even a problem I saw the movie beforehand (which you should totally check out!).

Oh and I still really want to try out a blooming tea! If only they weren't so damn expensive. Maybe that'll be a fun thing to add to my birthday wishlist c:

Please have a lovely weekend!


  1. Almost the same plan here for this week-end! I have too much to study u.u'
    Blooming tea looks amazing, I expected it being expensive, where is it available? I feel I need to try it too ^^
    Oh and it's true, your birthday is round the corner :3


  2. @Alexandra I saw some blooming tea at a local bio supermarket here, but I'm sure there are plenty or of other places you'll be able to find it. Maybe some specialty tea shop or something... good luck with all the studying!!

  3. That sounds like a fantastic weekend!
    I read The Help a while ago, it's great! I loved it!
    My boyfriend got me a teapot and some blooming tea a few months ago and it's super cool. But yea, too expensive for me to do any more.