Monday, April 15, 2013

Strawberry biscuits and glitter dishwater.

Some pictures of last weekend...
So many grape hyacinths! So pretty!
Yummy cute Minnie Mouse biscuits I got while shopping for green tea n.n
I'ma eat you ALL.
Drawing with glitter...
And sprinkles!!
And then my dirty dishes look like this. All dishwater should have glitter in it.
Aaaand I re-dyed my hair! It kinda needs to dyed again but I can't be bothered. Purple locks!


  1. Wow! That picture is beautiful. And your hair totally rocks <3
    How do those biscuits taste by the way? n.n


  2. @Alexandra The biscuits are with strawberry filling! They're super sweet, but I have a thing for super sweet strawberry everything haha

  3. i just noticed that in the tab of your blog there's a tea cup, that's so awesome. How did you change the blogger icon to a tea cup? I'm super curious on how you did that.

  4. @Lola Rose That's the favicon :) You can change it on the 'layout' page on your blogger account. When you're there, there's a box in the upper left corner which says 'favicon' and you can change it there!