Monday, June 17, 2013

My Summer to-do list!

Summer To-Do List:

♥ Visit museums
Two I already have on my list are the cat museum and the GO Gallery in Amsterdam and the fashion biennal in Arnhem, but I'm sure there will be lots of other interesting shows over the summer!
♥ Stay in a different place/city for a couple of days
Last year my mom and I stayed in Amsterdam for a couple of days (in the same hotel as in John Green's 'The Fault in Our Stars'!) and it was such a nice getaway, even if we were just about two hours away from home. I definitely want to do this again, but in a different place.

♥ Have a picnic at the beach
For some reason, I always have a picnic at the beach at least once every summer. I prefer 'dinner picnics', in the late evening with fresh pasta salad, bread, chicken and fresh fruit.
Moonrise Kingdom
♥ Make a zine
Maybe just a zine of my 'summer adventures', or just random stuff. I don't know, but I want to make one.

♥ Take lots of (instax) pictures
So far I haven't used my new instax mini camera too much, but summer vacation feels like the perfect time to use this baby more!
♥ Send lots of fun mail/postcards
I haven't been able to send out a lot of fun mail lately... I want to change that this summer!

♥ Make jewellery/accessories
I want to try making at least all the things I listed right here!

 Explore my city more: discover smaller cafes/shops/other places
There are places in my own city I've been wanting to go for some time, places I dont even know exist, cupcake shops that have to be tested...
Ten To Three Bakery
♥ Go to concerts/festivals
I already have one concert and one festival planned! And I'm sure there are many more (free) ones to be added to that list.

♥ Make picture books out of my photographs of the past few years
I've taken lots of pictures over the past few years and I think it's a shame they're just sitting there on my laptop. I really want to make picture books out of them.. maybe I'll get to that this summer.

♥ Visit lolita store in Bilthoven
I've been wanting to visit this store for such a long time, so this summer, it has to happen. Especially after seeing this post about it on Icosnap! Cute!!
Picture by: Icosnap
♥ Have a Hello Kitty high tea
Another thing I've been meaning to do for a long time (and coincidentally icosnap made a post about too!) There's a place not too far from here that organizes Hello Kitty high teas, and I really do want to stuff my face with anything Hello Kitty, literally!
♥ Finish portfolio website + business cards
This has to happen this summer. Not just for school, but also for myself. I want to figure out what kind of work I have for my portfolio right now and see where I want to go from here :)

Do you already have plans for this summer?

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