Tuesday, September 22, 2015

APP: Alpha Bear

I don't usually blog about apps or anything like that, but this one is too good to keep from you guys! I'm a huge puzzle nerd. Especially word games, escape the room games or just anything that challenges my brain for a few minutes a day. And as you all know I'm also a big fan of anything cute. Alpa Bear brings two of my favourite things together: it's a cute bear puzzle game!

The boyfriend and I have been on a bit of a bear kick lately. Lately bears are always part of our daily conversations. Or I'll just send him random pictures of bears to express how I feel. And have you heard of the show We Bare Bears? Yeah I've been watching that as well.

In this word puzzle game you go through various stages with different themes and at each stage you have to try and collect are the different bears. There's common, rare and legendary bears. You'll stumble across everything from a regular panda bear, to a unicorn or coffee bear. When you start the level, you start out with three small bears of your choosing, and the more letters you clear, the more your bears grow! The bigger your bear, the more points you score! Eventually you have to beat the stage's boss to move on to the next stage with a new theme and new bears to collect.

The design of this game is what really drew me in. It's super cute without being the 'tacky' kind of cute which you often see in other games. Even the music and sound effects are really nice and add something to the app without being too distracting. For example there's no music playing when you're in a level, but every once in a while one of your bears will growl (in an adorable kind of way).

What also always makes me giggle is that when you finish a puzzle, the bear will say something with the words you created. They often make no sense at all!
People have even already been making merchandise for the game, and it's unBEARably cute!

The app is free, but you can make purchases in the game that'll enable you to play longer. I personally don't have the need to buy coins. You can watch short videos to get coins for free. The only downside to this is that sometimes the videos get stuck and you have to restart the game and usually don't get any coins when this happens. Fortunately this doesn't happen too often.

So if you're looking for your next word game addiction, this is it! Have you played Alpha Bear yet? What do you think of it?

I am not sponsored by Spryfox and this review is nothing but my own, honest opinion of the game.

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