Saturday, June 19, 2010

***Mmhmmm I love Cowboy Bebop <3

Today my mum and I got some really tacky junk for the garden, but unfortunately it has started raining again so we can't start decorating it yet. Also had some quite awesome finds yesterday at our local second hand shop, the vhs of Alice in Wonderland and an Edgar Allen Poe book!

Now I'm sick and will have some chicken soup All I want to do is sleep these days. Shame there are more sick people, it has screwed up my day. It always sucks when you get really excited about something and then it doesn't even happen. Shut me up now.

Soundtrack of the day: anything by Steve Conte, teeeheeee. Check out Call me Call me, The Garden of Everything, No Reply, Words That We Couldn't Say.

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