Monday, June 21, 2010

***My new book is on it's way. ^^

'...a strange, dark but funny tale set in a world very much like our own but it's an afterlife populated by people who have killed themselves - many of them are young, and most of them bear the marks of their death...bullet wounds, broken necks...(those who have over-dosed are known as 'Juliets'). Mordy, our hero, discovers that his girlfriend from his life before has also 'offed' herself so he sets out to find her, and so follows a strange adventure...Full of the weird and wonderful characters, and the slightly surreal twist of events that we've come to expect from Etgar Keret, this novella is full of humour and comic flashes, but it is also wistful, longing for a better world and perfect love.'

If it sounds familair, Wristcutters: a love story is made after it. I just started to re-watch it and then remembered I had been wanting to read the book for ages!

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