Monday, June 21, 2010

New fav tattoo artist

Recently I've been looking at tons of various tattoo designs so hopefully I might finally be able to design my own first tattoo. It's a real pain in the ass though, as there are SO MANY POSSIBILITIES! Design, colours, location. I won't rush anything (it took me over a year to overthink getting my monroe piercing done and still no regrets!), but still I just wish I'd see something and just be like 'oooooohh yesplz!'

Anyway, so I really really like the tattoo artist mentioned above. So much inspiration! So now I'm getting overexcited again and drawing like a mad person. Also, more and more people are saying how they think I should become a tattoo artist, randomly. I don't even have tattoos or show any designs I make to anyone and still people often randomly tell me they think it would suit me. It really makes me consider art school more, and maybe then I could get a apprenticeship at a tattooshop? Oh dreams.

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