Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today I made these tasty sweeties...
Don't you just love the decorations? Found these in the grocery store. Pink glitter, little hearts, pink and purple sprinkles, white and pink little pills ^^ I also decided to try and make butter cream frosting for the first time. Chocolate butter cream frosting to be exact. DELICIOUS. The other half had pink raspberry flavoured frosting on it, so jummy too! And besides some 'ordinary' cupcakes, I also filled some with chocolate chunks and chocolate swirls or almonds...

Because I had finished them quite quickly, I decided to bake some sugar cookies too. I made a little more than expected though, but oh well!
One of the two full plates...

They are delicious too. I tried a different recipe than I normally do and it's so much better. At least this time the cookies didn't go all over the plate while they were in the oven but actually just came out in exactly the same shape as I cut them.

Don't worry, I won't devour them all myself. I gave most of the cupcakes to a friend of mine for her birthday (great excuse to bake something again hehe) and the cookies are currently in a box at my mom's house as a surprise for when she gets back home. She deserves them more than me and my mood swings.

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