Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm watching Away We Go right now. Well, I'm not actually watching it as it's not loading properly anymore. But what I've seen so far is absolutely awesome and adorable.

Sometimes I can have a hard time with keeping movies apart from reality. Then I'm watching a movie and think 'See! Life can be like that!'. I wouldn't mind my life being like this when I'm 34, or even now. Moving away with the person I love and just go live somewhere not too far from the rest of the world but far enough to not be bothered (even though I know that isn't really how this movie goes but it just made me think..) We don't have to stay here.

I just requested some information for american art schools. Maybe I'm actually going to make this work. Because it's not working over here right now. It's not like I'm depressed or sad all the time, not at all, but it's like nothing is going anywhere over here.

Oh damn the version I'm watching isn't loading anymore. Guess I'll have to order the dvd on amazon. Bummer. That means then I'll be able to watch it all the time.

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